Fish market aims to boost carp sales

Two Rivers Fisheries which opened in Wickliffe in 2013, has seen a lot of success lately with repeat customers from across the country and overseas. Their fish, which come from the Mississippi and Ohio rivers as well as Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, are shipped to restaurants in major cities, including St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Boston, as well as…

Official Introduction from Blog

Official Introduction from Blog

亚洲鲤鱼在美国泛滥成灾,但却是华人餐桌上的美味佳肴,有眼光的人看到了其中的商机,两河渔业公司(Two Rivers Fisheries)创办人于泳琴便是这些人中的一位,她在肯塔基州的小城设厂,将亚洲鲤鱼卖到中国去。于泳琴是两河渔业公司的创办人,她在上个世纪90年代初来到美国,从事中美贸易,有着多年的国际及海产贸易经验。她在五、六年前就萌发将亚洲鲤鱼运到中国去的想法,来到密西西比河流域的肯塔基州进货,结果发现当地没有加工厂,购买的鱼无法加工冷冻,严重影响出口,因此就大胆计划在当地建厂,收购亚洲鲤鱼,加工冷冻后出口。

Oct. 12, 2013 Asian carp tasting opportunities became available to all as our culinary kitchen opened. Professional catering services are also available.

Oct. 9, 2013 the 7th container was shipped out to China. The amount of Asian Carp exported from Two Rivers Fisheries reached 300,000 lbs.

Oct. 1, 2013 Fresh Fish Market opened to local community. People can buy fresh Asian Carp, Catfish, Buffalo carp and other catches from Fishermen.

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